New Computer Virus Hits US Homes

Virus Deletes Photos, Music, Videos and Documents

The Blackmal virus has already destroyed thousands of computers and experts predict this is just the start of the destruction ahead.

By Justin Lau, June 16th, 2019 -- Updated 07:28

A new computer virus has hit the US deleting peoples priceless computer data. The destructive new virus spreads easily from computer to computer and immediately begins to delete or corrupt all of the files on the infected computer.

The virus is known to delete irreplaceable files including business documents, contacts, financials, photos, music, emails, and more. Once these files are deleted by the Blackmal virus, it is impossible to recover the lost data.

Because of the ease in which the Blackmal virus can spread, experts estimate that this will be one of the worst virus outbreaks in recent history. Unlike many viruses which are transmitted via email attachments or file downloads, the Blackmal virus can quietly infect your computer while you simply browse the Internet as you normally do - even if you stick to browsing only reputable or "safe" websites.

Right now, backing up is a must! There is currently no way to prevent the virus; if your computer becomes infected you will lose everything.
- Dr. Robert J. Lohr, Anti-Virus Expert

With more than 100,000 known computer viruses in existence today, the rate of infection among PCs has risen to more than 10% per month. And with anti-virus software barely able to keep up with the growing number of different viruses, chances are high that you or someone you know will suffer from a crippling virus attack.

In fact, research indicates that about 43% of all computers will suffer a data loss episode during any given year - that's close to 47 million episodes of data loss per year.

With data loss due to viruses becoming more and more common, millions of people are turning to online computer backup to protect their important computer files. Backing up your files online ensures that they will remain safe and secure should anything happen to your computer. If a virus wipes out your files, you can simply recover and restore them online.

Because of their growing popularity, online computer backup options are popping up all over the Internet, which can make it difficult for consumers to determine which option is best for them.

A recent study that was conducted to help consumers choose an affordable, reliable way to back up their files online has revealed that a company called MyPC Backup is the highest-rated among users. MyPC Backup is an automated backup program that received superior ratings in ease of use, customer service, and data security.

If you are interested in safeguarding your irreplaceable files with MyPC Backup, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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Ruby T Lynch (Nashville, TN)

Ruby T. Lynch (Nashville, TN) OMG this is the virus that wiped out my computer! I lost everything including years of family photo's of the family which can never be replaced. Even though it is not my fault I cannot forgive myself.

cordell jones (richmond va)

apparently no antivirus software out there is capable of preventing your pc from becoming infected so i wouldn't beat yourself up about it ;) i would seriously look at using an online backup service, they are life savers for situations like these

Joshua Rollin (Ashmore, IL))

I use it has saved my neck a number of times.

Ruth Becker (Des Moines, Iowa)

Jee thanks, i just signed up... SO EASY TO USE!!!

Steve Green, Southampton, NY

Good thread, virus wiped me out bad

Madeline Farmer, Akron, OH

Why do people start these malicious viruses? I honestly dont understand why, i lost everything last year im backed up now though.

Sally Carter, Glasgow, MT

Its the anti-virus companies starting them so you buy there software

Mike Labowski, Atlanta GA

I didn't think that this would happen to my computer, i've lost everything

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  • The Blackmal virus and many others are irreversible, backing up your computer will ensure that you do not lose any of your precious files.

  • Human Error. No boddies perfect, from time to time we all mis place things or even remove files from our computer that we later come to regret.

  • Power failures and spikes are unpredictable and can corrupt your computer, usually this will result in loss of data which is almost imporssible to recover without a sufficient backup.

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